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Who Is Rosilee?

Rosilee is a speaker, author and mentor who travels the country speaking to teenagers and young adults about money and beginning finance. She has published one book, which is a collection of inspirational stories. She is working on second book for the series, as well as a Personal Finance book for Teens. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and horses, learning something new, and reading a good book. She currently resides with her husband and children in Seattle, WA.

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Public Speaker

Have a group of students in your youth group, middle/high school, or college classes that need to learn about money or personal finances? Learn how to book a speech here.

Finance Coaching

Want to learn how to dominate your money before it dominates you? Do you need to learn more about credit, debt, and money? See finance courses and coaching curriculum here.

1 : 1 Coaching

Are you a teen or young adult that feels a little lost about what choices to make or which direction you want your life to go? Would you like to know how to set goals, make plans, and finish what you start? See how here.


Funny Title; Serious Content

What is the hardest part about learning a new concept or idea? Remembering what you’ve learned! That’s why stories are so powerful. They give us the opportunity to learn something new AND remember what we’ve learned. 

But then, there’s also that factor of time. When do you have time to sit down and learn something new? Interestingly enough, our daily visit to the bathroom is one of the few times the average person will read content they actually enjoy and/or want to learn about.

Hence, the creation of Productive Toilet Time! This book is a compilation of short stories about inspirational people or events that made a difference in someone’s life at just the right moment. You’ll find little nuggets of wisdom in these stories that you’ll be able to remember and share with friends. And, because each story can be read in 20 minutes or less (some in 5 minutes or less!), you’ll have just the right amount of time to finish a story during your relaxing bathroom break.

So, download your copy of PTT on your phone, or keep a copy handy in the bathroom. When you find that nugget of wisdom you’ve been searching for, you’ll be glad that you did!

Personal Finance Course

This course includes:
  • Ten 5-10 minute videos
  • 5 Worksheets
  • 7 Downloadable resources
  • One 15-minute Finance Coaching Session
  • One 30-minute Finance Coaching Session
  • Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand money, what it does, and why it is important
  • How to start and build habits to manage money effectively
  • Why you should start saving money immediately
  • Top 5 categories to build savings accounts around
  • What is credit?
  • 5 easy ways to start building your credit as a teen or young adult
  • The two reasons (yes, only two!) that you should use credit
  • How to manage your credit wisely and stay out of debt
Bonus Topics
  • When and how should I buy a car
  • When and how should I get my own cell phone plan
  • How to get through any level of college without student loans or debt
  • The secret to choosing a career path that you will enjoy


Rosilee is a versatile teacher. I learn best visually and when she taught us about separating budgets, it really stuck with me because she used pictures and gestures.

Kate S. -Seattle, WA

Rosilee is fun to listen to and cares about her students.

Millie C. -Seattle, WA


The Prince and the Peasant

The Prince and the Peasant

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there stood a very large and beautiful kingdom, ruled by a wise and gentle King who was loved by all the people of the kingdom. The King began to grow old and knew it was about time for his oldest son, the Prince, to take over the...

Giving Gifts that Make Memories

Giving Gifts that Make Memories

About two months ago, I started going through a bunch of my old things in preparation to move to a new house. I opened a box of old newspaper articles or random stories I had liked at one time in my life and saved. I started to read through a few as I cleaned out the...

Unexpected Kindness

Unexpected Kindness

My senior year in high school, I was taking an AP Calculus class. I’ve never been great at math, and calculus was extremely difficult for me. Toward the end of the school year, when we were within a month of taking the final exam, I had to go to both early morning and...

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