Productive Toilet Time

Funny Title; Serious Content

What is the hardest part about learning a new concept or idea? Remembering what you’ve learned! That’s why stories are so powerful. They give us the opportunity to learn something new AND remember what we’ve learned. 

But then, there’s also that factor of time. When do you have time to sit down and learn something new? Interestingly enough, our daily visit to the bathroom is one of the few times the average person will read content they actually enjoy and/or want to learn about.

Hence, the creation of Productive Toilet Time! This book is a compilation of short stories about inspirational people or events that made a difference in someone’s life at just the right moment. You’ll find little nuggets of wisdom in these stories that you’ll be able to remember and share with friends. And, because each story can be read in 20 minutes or less (some in 5 minutes or less!), you’ll have just the right amount of time to finish a story during your relaxing bathroom break.

So, download your copy of PTT on your phone, or keep a copy handy in the bathroom. When you find that nugget of wisdom you’ve been searching for, you’ll be glad that you did!

20 stories that can be read in 20 minutes or less!

Inspirational stories based on real people and real events

The perfect gift to give to friends and family


Rosilee is a versatile teacher. I learn best visually and when she taught us about separating budgets, it really stuck with me because she used pictures and gestures.

Kate S. -Seattle, WA

Rosilee is fun to listen to and cares about her students.

Millie C. -Seattle, WA

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